Care Assess – With you, for you: We work with you to improve clients’ ability to live well at home in Tasmania. “Care Assess” is Care Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd, a Tasmanian-owned health agency, focusing on assessment and coordination of home support and community care across Tasmania. Our mission is more people living well at home across Tassie. Our vision is to be Tasmania’s preferred independent assessment agency, providing coordination of quality home care for Tasmania’s primary, acute and community service sectors. We are proudly Tasmanian. We specialise in coordination of state-wide services enhanced by a brokerage model and a quality workforce to ensure effective management of direct care across the State. Our philosophy of care is to maintain optimal independence of care for Tasmanians, promoting health and well-being, encouraging active participation in services for older Tasmanians, rather than dependency.

We have offices located across Tasmania, providing regional hubs with staff on the ground to coordinate and service home care and support in Southern Tasmania, in Northern Tasmania and in North Western Tasmania. Our home care program and home support for older Tasmanians is provided in all areas of Tasmania, as is assessment for veterans’ home care. In the South of Tasmania we provide regional management and administration, and feature a well-developed GP Nursing and Assessment Service. In the North of Tasmania we provide home care, home support and veterans’ home care programs, as in North West Tasmania. As an Assessment Service in Regional Tasmania, our three regional offices provide local staff on the ground and in close proximity to each of Tasmania’s three regional centres. This is vital to ensuring we can undertake face-to-face assessments in each area. Each of our three Regional Assessment Teams work together in collaboration, which is facilitated by a centralised management team with a state-wide focus – in this way we work as one organistion, as one Regional Assessment Team for Tasmania, and as one Regional Assessment Service for Tasmanian home care.

Our office in Hobart in the South (Rosny Park), in Launceston in the North (Summerhill) and in Devonport in the North West, supports our significant focus on the importance of face-to-face assessment in order to undertake needs-assessment. We undertake true needs-assessment of client’s home support and home care needs prior to assessors constructing support plans. Care Assess employs a Regional Assessment Service (RAS) model, considering at a Planning Region level, Tasmania is really one (1) region, however it is historically considered three (3) regions – being South, North and North West Tasmania.

Our Services for Older Tasmanians include Home and Community Care (HACC) programs for individuals who are finding things a bit tricky around the home and would be motivated to work with health professionals to improve (Home Independence program), or need short-term assistance to remain at home (Home Support program); Home Care Packages program for eligible ACAT assessed clients, with consumer directed care places ranging from low to high care; Veterans’ Home Care (VHC), providing assessment and coordination of program services for Entitled Persons living in the community; and Private programs or clients for individuals or organisations able to pay a fee-for-service to benefit from nursing services including assessment, care planning, coordination and monitoring/review, and/or allied health services including exercise physiology and occupational therapy consultation.

Our Services for Health Professionals include Home and Community Care (HACC) programs for patients who need assistance to recover at home after an acute episode (Post Acute program) or need help at home to avoid going to hospital? (Or staying longer) (Hospital Avoidance program); and General Practice Nursing Services, including comprehensive assessment, care planning and coordination, chronic diseases management and other sessional work funded under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) services scheme.

Why choose Care Assess

Care Assess is a local, innovative and growing provider of home care. We are about more people living well at home across Tasmania. We are the State’s preferred independent assessment agency, providing coordinated access to quality home care. We do this by specialising in coordination of services, enhanced by a brokerage model and a quality workforce, to ensure effective management of direct care. We employ health professionals to undertake assessment and care planning across our many exciting programs for a diverse range of clients. Care Assess’ services are purchased by individuals, organisations and governments. We will work for you by working ‘with’ you to improve your clients’/patients’ ability to live well at home.

Further information about Care Assess

Care Assess is an independent assessment agency providing targeted, strategic and specialist HACC programs for older Tasmanians within the community sector, including: our post-acute enablement program (PAP), our intensive reablement program (HHIP), and our avoidance of hospital program (HAP). These higher level but short term programs require clinical/nursing oversight, and employ a wellness/restorative approach in order to maximise client functional independence outcomes while at the same time minimise overall/longer term service hours. For a quantitative evaluation of one of our programs, please see:

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request further information from Care Assess about our HACC or other programs, or about our organisation.

Joe Towns | Managing Director

Our practice principles

• Promote the independence and wellness of people and their ongoing contribution to the community
• Ensure that all people needing care and support have access to person-centred services that are flexible and adapt to their changing needs
• Allow consumers to exercise their own freedom of choice, allowing them to direct their own care (where possible)
• Treat with respect and dignity those older people receiving care and support services
• Provide services that are available based on equity, easily accessible and easy to understand
• Support the informal carers to carry out their role
• Provide value for money and affordable services through efficient use of resources

Our values

• Excellence: To strive for excellent performance in all that we do
• Innovation: To demonstrate innovation in progressing and developing all that we do
• Commitment: To demonstrate commitment to the work and the clients that we serve
• Integrity: To be professional, truthful and reliable in all our actions
• Teamwork: To work cooperatively with each other and all stakeholders
• Client focus: To focus at all of our work on the good of clients
• Cultural responsiveness: To respond to the various beliefs, traditions and customs that are reflected by each client
• Sustainability: To uphold the profitability of the organisation by enhancing efficiency, productivity and growth