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Care Tasmania Transition

The company Care Tasmania Pty Ltd (“Care Tasmania”), provides assessment management services on behalf the health and care industry across each of Tasmania’s three regions.


We are incredibly pleased to announce that between 2019-2021, all of the business of “Care Assess” has been transferred to Care Tasmania.


Formerly, since 1999 until 30 June 2020, Care Tasmania’s parent company Care Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd traded as Care Assess.


Care Tasmania was established in 2012 by its parent company for the purpose of taking on the work and contracts of its assessment services division and trading arm, then Care Assess, so as to commence providing assessments through a separate legal entity and thereby become Tasmania’s own independent assessment agency, specialising purely in assessment, fully separate from aged care service provision. 


After a significant time of preparation and planning, in 2019 Care Tasmania commenced operations, and began providing the first of its parent company’s assessment services, that of Health Assessments on behalf of General Practice: Comprehensive health assessments and care plans – contracted by GPs or General Practices under Medicare’s chronic diseases management items (MBS). 


Following this its parent company commenced processes to novate its other major assessment services contracts and transition those services over to Care Tasmania (namely, its RAS Deed with the Department of Health and its VHC Assessment Agency Deed of Standing Offer with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs).

Its parent company’s DVA Deed was novated in November 2019 and Care Tasmania has been providing VHC Assessment Services since that time.


During this transition, Care Tasmania was successful in its Request for Tender to provide assessment management services for the AN-ACC Trial of 2019-20 of the new residential aged care funding assessment tool and provided the majority of assessments across Tasmania. 


Care Tasmania now also provides the parent company’s other major assessment services, its RAS work with the Department of Health (as a subcontractor of the parent company initially), and novation of this work by the parent company and assignment of this Deed to Care Tasmania will be completed with the Department by 30 June 2021.


From 1 July 2020 all of its parent company’s assessment services staff and services under its assessment trading division, and all of its capability and capacity was transitioned over to Care Tasmania, including the trading name “Care Assess” (and its parent company has ceased trading under this name). 


Care Tasmania (the company) now fully operates Care Assess (the assessment services trading business) – having inherited all of its contracts and goodwill.

Care Tasmania, now trading as Care Assess, is a single local Tasmania-wide assessment services provider, contracted purely to complete assessments on behalf of governments and its private clients.

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