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Working for Care Assess

Care Assess is always seeking to build our team and expand our mix of providers. There are three ways in which you can work for Care Assess:

Care Assess has been specialising in independent assessment and service contracting and coordination in Tasmania for over 12 years. During this time we have gained significant experience in managing the delivery of assessment and coordination services and now employ a large multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled professionals across Tasmania. We employ casual assessors or independently contract assessment services to nurses and clinical professionals, and subcontract direct-care services to many service providers across the state of Tasmania.

We have a broad client base including older Tasmanians living in the community, Health Professionals including GP’s and surgeries, hospital discharge planners and aged care residential and community service providers.

Care Assess manage a significant size operation, with both private and government funded arms to the business, providing now several different client services all of which have a large client volume. Care Assess have approximately 2500 currently active HACC clients, provide annual phone assessments for 1100 VHC clients in Southern Tasmania, complete over 1000 health assessments annually on behalf of the GP community and provide three community aged care packages.

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Joining the Care Assess staff team

Care Assess employ staff with high levels clinical expertise and experience in community assessment skills. We build multi-disciplinary teams of professionals across Tasmania; with currently over 65 staff including 58 clinical professionals, including registered and enrolled nurses, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, and home care coordinators with detailed experience in community aged care.

We recruit carefully to ensure our clinicians demonstrate high-level skills in both comprehensive and holistic assessment. Our multi-disciplinary teams work together to provide a broad assessment of the full spectrum of client needs that is distinguished by the following four elements:

  • Multidimensionality
  • Breadth of scope, focusing on strengths, resources and needs;
  • Independence from service provider perspectives and the service availability context;
  • Focus on action and response to need.

We are also currently seeking expressions of interest from:

  • Registered and Enrolled Nurses with experience in Dementia care and case management.

To email an expression of interest in employment with Care Assess, including an attached cover letter and your CV, please click here.

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Contracting independently to Care Assess (or working casually)

We are currently seeking to expand our services, and will accept expressions of interest from nurses, including mental health nurses, and occupational therapists with demonstrated experience and skills in community health and comprehensive assessment.

Care Assess employs casual nurses in both rural and metropolitan areas across Tasmania, and also ‘independently contracts’ assessment services to nurses where appropriate. We have independent contracts in place with registered and enrolled nurses, including mental health nurses. We work with GPs to perform specialised health assessment services including care planning, residential health assessments (CMAs), together with enhanced primary care and chronic disease management programs on behalf of the General Practices. Care Assess’ nurses have completed over 10,000 comprehensive health assessments and approximately 5,000 care plans over the last five years.

To email an expression of interest in an independent contract with Care Assess, including an attached cover letter and your CV, please click here.

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Providing subcontracted services for Care Assess

Care Assess are currently seeking service providers who can adopt our philosophy of care by maintaining with us an optimal level of independence for our clients. We are looking for providers who specialise in home help such as domestic assistance, personal care, home and garden maintenance, and shopping assistance. We seek providers who ensure their support workers understand the wellness approach and can integrate our philosophy of care into their everyday approach. To find out more about working with our approach, click here.

How subcontracting services for Care Assess works:

  • Following our assessment and care planning, Care Assess may implement service contracts with one or more other Service Provider organisations that specialise in direct service delivery.
  • All our Service Providers must sign a Service Agreement with Care Assess after meeting our minimum requirements arising from national standards, and comply annually with our contract management checks.
  • Our Service Providers must provide services according to their Service Agreement, and also according to a Service Contract for each client; along with any advice or correspondence provided by Care Assess regarding this contract.
  • The Service contract (the Agreement of Care) made with Service Providers is a document including what client services are required: This consists of timeframes, frequency and duration of services. We also specify the necessary status of the worker to provide care.
  • Services requested can incorporate a mixture of service types; for which we may broker to multiple service providers, such as domestic assistance, personal care, home and garden maintenance, and shopping assistance.
  • Our Service Providers must provide suitably qualified, appropriately trained and equipped support and/or care workers for the provision of services for our clients. They must also eek approval from Care Assess before making any changes to the way services and tasks are being provided.
  • Service Providers are responsible to provide all appropriate resources for the provision of the services; and must refer all significant issues concerning the care of our clients to Care Assess.
  • Our Service Agreement with Providers sets out what responsibilities exist for our Service Providers in relation to the services they deliver.  Additionally, it also sets out what responsibilities exist for our Service Providers in relation to probity of their personnel providing services.

If you would like to express an interest in subcontracting services for Care Assess, please request a copy of our minimum requirements, an application, and a copy of our standard Service Agreement by contacting us here.

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