How we can help you get more and better



Care Assess’ is a separate division and trading arm of Care Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd, serving private (fee-for-service) clients and contracts under an independent assessment agency approach.

We are a local provider enabling more and more Tasmanians to live well at home for longer by specialising in brokerage and coordination of care across Tasmania, in order to maximise the quality of our clients’ services from the perspective of their wellness and value-for-money.

It’s what Care Assess does differently that can give you the best chance of improving your independence, health and wellbeing at home, and enjoying your everyday life.

If you need better support or more for the care you receive, we can make a difference.

Why we can make all the difference

When you choose Care Assess, you’re choosing an independent assessment agency to coordinate your home support or care services; and that means you benefit from a care broker working for you to maximise the value of your home support or care services, from your perspective. As a broker of home support and care services, we have a large network of over 40 service providers (subcontractors) to choose from in getting more and better for you.

Our independence is one of our greatest points of difference – it means we focus simply on what’s best for you. We work with you to find the ‘best fit’ for your needs, to optimise your services based on your goals and preferences. We represent your interests to increase your ease of access, give you more choice, and better quality control over the services you receive at home.

That many mean, for example, finding the right mix of service types of those available, while ensuring quality of care within a more responsive timeframe, and at a cost you can afford.

With Care Assess you have more flexibility; we ensure your right to choose or change the services or the provider delivering your care, based on your preferences, needs or feedback.

  • As your independent coordinator, you will asked for your feedback; since our role is to ensure your satisfaction with the services you receive, any complaints will be more than appreciated, as it will help us to change or improving upon the services you receive if you are not happy.
  • As a broker, we are better placed to ensure your diversity is respected and catered for, and your areas of vulnerability taken into account appropriately.
  • We provide independent coordination in order to make the most of available services that are there to help you; this means we aim to increase support for your carer(s).
  • We are also uniquely placed to work collaboratively and effectively with your advocate or representative.

How we can improve your health and wellbeing

With Care Assess, your coordinator can also be a health professional, who can work with you to improve your ability to manage your health and live well at home.

Our health professionals are trained and experienced in working with you to improve your ability to get the best out of your day-to-day activities. They can enable (or re-enable) you to maintain your own independence in everyday tasks, and to better manage your health, ageing, disability or chronic disease.

As well as providing basic assistance to support you with your chronic condition, or functional disability, our team of qualified coordinators focus on identifying and providing you with ways to maximise your wellbeing.

You will always be in the centre of the decision-making process and the management of your health as our professionals place your goals at the forefront of the programs we offer.

Our services will effectively target the areas that will make the greatest difference for you; whether that means providing you with a program to improve your mobility, strength and balance; simplify your daily tasks; or provide you with the knowledge, skills, equipment and social support to stay active for longer.

How we can increase your wellness

Care Assess is committed to your wellness. And that means we’re committed to enabling you to do as much as possible for yourself.

It’s about getting the balance right between home support services that do things for you and those which do things with you.

Research shows that the best thing for your health and wellbeing is not only services that support you, but services that also build on your own capacity. There are great, positive and long reaching benefits of seeking to improve your ability to manage your daily living.

To get the balance right, Care Assess will sit down and talk to you about, not just what you have difficulty with, but also what you can and want to be able to do.

We first look at maintaining your current abilities, and minimise the impact of any function loss you have experienced. Then together we can look at the potential of re-enabling you to do those things you used to do.

We also continually assess and reassess the ongoing appropriateness of the services you receive, and we support your connections with the community.

We want to increase your self-confidence, while respecting your autonomy. Care Assess will focus on delivering home support services to you in a way that will maximise your ability to be independent, while improving your wellbeing.

In partnering with Care Assess we together seek to:

  • Maintain or improving your physical capacity
  • Maintain your social life
  • Improve your control and self-worth
  • Improve your physical and emotional wellbeing

There are many benefits to our approach:

  • You may in the end need less home support services
  • Our approach respects your dignity
  • Your participation makes you a partner in the care you receive
  • We may have a positive effect on your mental and physical health
  • We will seek to maximise your potential to remain at home for longer

How you can help:

What you can do is remain motivated to do the very best for your health and wellbeing, and commit to working with Care Assess, as together we work for your wellness.