How to maximise the value of your services



Choosing a brokerage agency to provide your care

A brokerage agency can help you to get the most out of your services. A care broker will have a network of service providers (subcontractors) to choose from in order to deliver the direct services to you that are best placed to meet your needs, goals or preferences. Their independence from the direct service delivery enables them to exclusively represent your interests, helping you to get better value for money.

Here is how a broker works to maximise the value of your services:

  • When you choose a service broker as your home support or care provider, you’re choosing an independent agency to coordinate your home support or care, and that means you will benefit from a trusted advisor, representing you and advocating for your interests, and working for you to maximise the value of your care, from your perspective.
  • The things that might matter to you may be different to someone else – you may put a premium on quality or safety, flexibility or responsiveness, price, cultural sensitiveness or other special preferences.
  • Choosing an independent broker to provide your care means you will have an experienced and skilled coordinator navigating the complexity and researching the multitude of options of available home supports and care programs across the sector in you specific area, to identify the best mix of services and providers of those that are available to optimise your wellness at home.
  • They will work for you by working with you to increase your level of access, choice, and control over the services you receive at home.

It will mean that you will benefit from easier access, more choice, and better flexibility and quality control over your care.

Choosing a health professional to coordinate your care

Health professionals are trained to improve your ability to manage your health and live well at home! Choosing a health professional to coordinate your care will not only put you at the centre of the decision-making process, they will also be better trained to put your health and care goals at the forefront of the support that you receive.

A health care coordinator will effectively target the areas that will make the greatest difference for your health and wellbeing; whether that means providing you with a specific program or a range of available services from multiple providers, all planned and coordinated to improve your mobility, strength and balance; simplify your daily tasks; or providing you with the knowledge, skills, equipment and social support to stay active for longer.

Investing in your health and care

Don’t under estimate the value of your own contribution to your care – it is important and can make all the difference towards achieving a great outcome for your health.

  • You contribute many things to your own health, including your engagement in the planning and decisions, and your participation in the services.
  • A financial investment in your care can result in significant health benefits.
  • In fact, the more you give towards your care, the more you will get out of it.
  • Like any investment, it takes a leap of faith, but not a blind one – if you know that support services will significantly benefit your health, your own contribution will increase your ability to receive and benefit from them.
  • We also know that the personal commitment involved when clients directly invest in their own health (like any investment) increases their motivation; in turn, their extra contribution and increased level of motivation can over time significantly improve their health and wellbeing.
  • And don’t forget that your contributions can significantly increase the value of publically funded services when you ‘top up’ home care services with a direct investment, which makes available other service types you can benefit from (for example, some allied health care such as exercise physiology) .