Private Services & Rates

Care Assess is helping more and more Tasmanians to live well at home. We provide a range of services, each designed around your wellbeing. All of our services are delivered in order to support your independence and best enable you to maintain or improve your wellness at home.

Please find provided below are our Services and Standard Rates (Schedule of Fees) for private paying clients (under fee-for-service arrangements) accessing our health, personnel and assessment services, as well as our home support, care and coordination services across Tasmania.

For information about why Care Assess represents good value and an excellent choice among alternative options, please see the Services section of this website, including:

How to maximise the value of your services

What to look for in a service provider

How we can help you get more and better

Free initial assessment and quote

We can provide you with a free initial assessment and a no-obligation estimate or quote of the cost of any of our private services or programs under fee-for-service (user pays) arrangements

Request a free initial assessment and quote or ask for more information today! 

Flexibility & fee negotiation

We want to work with you, for you.

If you are interested in our private (user pays) services, but you cannot afford Care Assess’ standard rates, please ask us about me about a fee-negotiation process.

We don’t want to miss out on providing services to any client due to your inability to pay our rates.

“It’s about giving you the best we can for a price you can afford.”

Depending on the volume of services you need or the scope of what you require, we can also quote to offer you a better rate or fixed unit prices!

Ask us today about our confidential fee-negotiation process so that we can make private arrangements.

Our value for money

Delivering value is at the heart of Care Assess’ business; that’s because value for money is an aspect of quality!

“It’s about value for money…”

We aim to be competitive: we want to deliver what you need for a price you can afford, and to a great standard.

Value is measured not simply by what you pay for what we do, but by the result we achieve for the investment you make. It’s about the quality of the outcome that our services affect for you.

“Value is about more than money alone…”

Our value is higher because we provide better care, more choice, and easier access, through effective, efficient and ethical services, which positively benefit the health, wellbeing and safety of service recipients.


How brokerage works

Our model of brokerage creates synergy between the distinct but complimentary roles of our staff and subcontracted workforce.

Brokerage-modelThis model avoids duplication of expenditure on overall care; while at the same time increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your services.

Investing in your health and care

Don’t under estimate the value of your own contribution to your care – it is important and can make all the difference towards achieving a great outcome for your health.

  • You contribute many things to your own health, including your engagement in the planning and decisions, and your participation in the services.
  • A financial investment in your care can result in significant health benefits.
  • In fact, the more you give towards your care, the more you will get out of it.
  • Like any investment, it takes a leap of faith, but not a blind one – if you know that support services will significantly benefit your health, your own contribution will increase your ability to receive and benefit from them.
  • We also know that the personal commitment involved when clients directly invest in their own health (like any investment) increases their motivation; in turn, their extra contribution and increased level of motivation can over time significantly improve their health and wellbeing.
  • And don’t forget that your contributions can significantly increase the value of publically funded services when you ‘top up’ home care services with a direct investment, which makes available other service types you can benefit from (for example, some allied health care such as exercise physiology) .

Our Services and Standard Rates

(Schedule of Fees)

(Effective July 2015; For Review October 2015)

Home Support   $/Hr GST
Minimum Call Out Rate 50 5.0
Home Support   $/Hr GST
Domestic Help/Assistance 50  5
Personal Care 52  5.2
Social Support 52  5.2
Home of Garden Maintenance 50  5
Care Assessment, Coordination and Management   $/Hr GST
Wellness / Non Clinical Assessment (Centre) 48  4.8
Wellness / Non Clinical Assessment (Home*) 57  5.7
Enrolled Nurse (Centre) 53  5.3
Enrolled Nurse (Home*) 62  6.2
Registered Nurse (L1) (Centre) 58  5.8
Registered Nurse (L1) (Home*) 67  6.7
Registered Nurse (L2) (Centre) – Including but not limited to:

  • Reablement Support
  • Care Coordination
  • Case Management
  • Linkage Service Support
63 6.3
Registered Nurse (L2) (Home*) – Including but not limited to:

  • Reablement Support
  • Care Coordination
  • Case Management
  • Linkage Service Support
95  9.5
Occupational Therapy (Centre) 68  6.8
Occupational Therapy (Home*) 77  7.7
Exercise Physiology (Centre) 63  6.3
Exercise Physiology (Home*) 72  7.2
Healthcare Personnel Services   $/Hr GST
Exercise Physiology (Centre)
Exercise Physiology (Home*) 95 7.2
Occupational Therapy (Centre)
Occupational Therapy (Home*) 95  7.7
Clinical Nursing Care (RN) 95 9.5
Classes & Programs   $/Hr GST
Up and About Class 5
Personal Exercise Program 90 .9


* Travel time will be included in hourly rates

^ Subject to review, see ‘Review and notice’ below.

Review and Notice

We need to review our prices from time to time.

If you are a current client, we will let you know in writing if we need to increase or can afford to decrease the rates.

We recognise your need for notice or need to negotiate on the rates we offer you. We will give you a minimum of 30 days’ notice in writing before charging you any revised prices for services that you have requested from Care Assess.