Assessment & Coordination for Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) program

Care Assess is the Assessment Agency for the Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) program in Tasmania. This includes each of Tasmania’s three (3) regions: Southern, Northern and North Western Tasmania.

Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) Program Assessment & Coordination

As VHC Assessment Agency, Care Assess provides regional assessments, care coordination and contracting of services to approved VHC service providers for eligible veterans living in the community, on behalf of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, across Tasmania.

The VHC program provides eligible Veterans living in the community with basic home care services such as domestic assistance, personal care, carer respite and safety-related home and garden maintenance.

Are you a veteran or a war widow/widower, or a dependent, requiring care at home?

Call 1300 550 450 to reach the VHC Assessment Agency for your region.

This program offers:

VHC is a basic home support program offering:

  • Domestic help and assistance (for example, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, hanging out washing)
  • Personal care assistance (for example, showering and assistance getting dressed)
  • Safety-related home and garden maintenance assistance (for example, trimming bushes, cleaning out gutters, changing tap washers
  • Respite care (carers’ respite including residential, home-based or a combination of both)

Eligibility and Access: 

Veterans eligible and entitled to be assessed to receive all services under the VHC program are Veterans and war widows/widowers and certain dependants who are:

  • An Australian veteran or mariner; or
  • A war widow/widower of an Australian veteran or mariner;

And have:

  • A Repatriation Health Card – For All Conditions (Gold Card) or
  • A Repatriation Health Card – For Specific Conditions (White Card).
  • Some Australian veterans with a White Card have limited or no eligibility to be assessed to receive all VHC services.
  • Eligibility applies to the assessment for VHC services. Access to services is not automatic, but based on assessment.

How this program works:

  • VHC assessment agencies are part of a national network that is serviced by a national phone system. The national VHC number that connects callers to the VHC assessment agency for their region is 1300 550 450.
  • Veterans and war widow/widowers may access VHC services in a number of ways including self-referral to VHC by phoning 1300 550 450 and requesting an assessment; or via referral from a third party, such as referrals to Care Assess from GPs, hospital discharge planners, community service providers, or family members, carers or friends.

Funding and fees

  • This program is funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) under their VHC program for entitled persons.
  • Services for VHC are subject to some co-payments per hour of in-home service but are capped per week.

Call 1300 550 450 to reach the VHC Assessment Agency for your region.