Services and Programs

Care Assess works under private (user pays) arrangements and fee-for-service contracts to deliver health, personnel and assessment services, as well as home support, care and coordination services across Tasmania.

Care Assess is a separate division and trading arm of Care Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd, servicing a wide range of clients including health and care providers and individuals.

Here are the services we are currently providing or offering across Tasmania:

Our current services and offering

Services for General Practice and GPs

Health Personnel Services

Home Support Assessments (RAS) for My Aged Care Gateway programme

Assessment & Coordination for Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) program

Private Services & Rates

Disability Support & Care (NDIS)

Our value for money

Delivering value is at the heart of Care Assess’ business; that’s because value for money is an aspect of quality!

We aim to be competitive: we want to deliver what you need for a price you can afford, and to a great standard.

Value is measured not simply by what you pay for what we do, but by the result we achieve for the investment you make. It’s about the quality of the outcome that our services affect for you.

Our value is higher because we provide better care, more choice, and easier access, through effective, efficient and ethical services, which positively benefit the health, wellbeing and safety of service recipients.

How brokerage works


Our model of brokerage creates synergy between the distinct but complimentary roles of our staff and subcontracted workforce.



This model avoids duplication of expenditure on overall care; while at the same time increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your services.

Flexibility & quotes

If you are interested in our private (user pays) services, we want to work with you, for you.

If you cannot afford Care Assess’ Standard Fee-For-Service rates, please ask us about our confidential fee-negotiation process. We don’t want to refuse any client due to your inability to pay our standard rates.

We can also quote to offer you a better rate! Ask us today. Please ask us about our confidential fee-negotiation process so that we can make private arrangements.