Information for HACC clients on service contributions

Download a printable version of the HACC Fees brochure here.

HACC fees

Although HACC services are subsidized by the Australian and Tasmanian governments, the following contributions are applicable from service recipients for these programs. You will be asked to pay:

- Pensioner from $5.00 per visit, to an upper limit of $10.00 per week

– Non-pensioner from $20.00 per visit, to an upper limit of $30.00 per week

However these charges depend on your capacity to pay.

Your capacity to pay

If you are experiencing financial hardship and are not able to meet these payments, please contact us for a confidential discussion about our fee waiver process.

You can also request a copy of our Fee Policy.

Our HACC fee policy

Our Fee Policy will be available on request. This policy includes:

  • Care Assess will comply with the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (Cwlth or State) Fees Policy.
  • We will seek to individually determine all clients’ capacity to pay HACC Fees.
  • No client will be refused a service due to an inability to make a contribution.
  • All clients will be informed about our confidential fee waiver process and requested to contact us if they are experiencing financial hardship or feel they are unable to meet the HACC Fee payments.

How we will bill you

Invoices will be sent to your postal address monthly or at the end of your program, detailing your visits and your account payable. Invoicing can be delayed by up to 3 months. Your bill will be according to the HACC Fees unless a partial or full waiver has been agreed. If we have received your payment after your bill was sent, your payment may not be shown on your bill until the next month.

How you can pay your bill

Care Assess accepts cash, credit card, Eftpos, cheque, money order, direct debit or internet electronic transfer. You can pay your account using one of the four options:

  • By cash in person (or have someone come in for you) at Level 2, 6 Bayfield Street, Rosny Park in Hobart.
  • Return mail (cheque or money order), including your details, addressed to: Care Assess, Level 2, 6 Bayfield Street, Rosny Park TAS 7018.
  • Over the phone (credit card) by calling 03 62447700.
  • Internet transfer or direct debit arranged by your bank or using the BSB and Account Number on your invoice.

What to do if we make a mistake

Please contact our corporate office in Hobart on 03 62447700 if you believe your account is incorrect, so that we can address the issue.

What is HACC?

The Commonwealth and Tasmanian ‘Home and Community Care’ (HACC) programs provide funding for basic community care services that support eligible people to remain living at home and be more independent in the community. Please ask us for a copy of our HACC Eligibility brochure, or visit the websites below to find out who can access services.

Key websites

Our HACC programs

Ask us about our programs for people:

  • Finding things a bit tricky around the home
  • Needing short-term assistance to remain at home
  • Needing assistance to recover at home after an acute episode
  • Needing help at home to avoid going to hospital

To find out more visit our programs & services page here.

Disclaimer: The material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian or Tasmanian Governments.

Referral or request

To make a referral or to request more information please contact us.

Download a printable version of the Hacc Fees brochure here.