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Download a printable version of the Complaints brochure here.

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Our Policy

Care Assess encourages feedback from clients, as well as their families and visitors. This feedback lets us know how well we are doing at service you, and enables staff to better understand the needs of the client. This is crucial in assisting us to continue to provide the best quality client care.

All complaints to Care Assess will be received and responded to in compliance with our Complaints and Feedback Policy. A copy of this is available upon request.

Care Assess endeavours to:

  • Encourage clients to come forward with any genuine complaints and concerns.
  • Deal with complaints in a supportive environment.
  • • Encourage fairness and impartiality in finding an appropriate resolution.

Your right to comment

It is the right of every client and members of their family to comment or make a complaint regarding the services you receive and care that is provided.

What will happen if I complain?

If you make a complaint, your services will not be affected. You will continue to receive the highest quality of care and be treated with the utmost respect.

Feedback can be made:

  • In person.
  • In writing by: email or letter.
  • Over the phone.

When making a complaint

All complaints will be handled sensitively with the utmost discretion while being investigated thoroughly before resolution.

  • Try to remain calm.
  • Identify the issue as briefly as possible.
  • Where able, write it down

Can I have someone provide feedback on my behalf?

Yes. You have the right to have an advocate or representative (such as a spouse, family member or a friend) make a complaint (or compliment) on your behalf or be involved in the discussions regarding the complaint.

What happens after I complain?

When we receive a complaint, the following process occurs:

  • The complaint is registered.
  • You will be contacted either by phone or in writing, to acknowledge the receipt of your complaint, and explain the process we will undertake.
  • The complaint is then referred to the relevant area for investigation.
  • Following this, a response will be sent to you within twenty-one calendar days.
  • If, for any reason, there will be a delay in our response we will notify you immediately.

Who do I provide feedback to?

Our staff appreciate feedback on how we are doing. Complaints and compliments can be made to:

  • Any staff member.
  • The Team Leader in your Region.
  • Our dedicated Quality Manager or any one of our other Senior Managers at our Head Office in Hobart.

Please tell us who you want to provide feedback to.

To provide feedback

Call or write to the Quality Manager

(03) 6244 7700

Level 2, 6 Bayfield Street
Rosny Park TAS 7018

If you are not happy with the outcome

Advocacy staff can assist you in reaching a conclusion. For a free service please call:Advocacy Tasmania on 1800 005 131

If you are an Aged Care consumer, you also have the right to complain to the Aged Care Complaint Investigation Scheme by phoning 1800 550 552

Download a printable version of the Complaints brochure here.