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Post Acute (PAP) Program Evaluation

20 Feb 2015 posted by:

Care Assess has completed an evaluation of our Post Acute (PAP) program, and the final report is now available at:

Some of the key findings of the evaluation include:

  • Client satisfaction was extremely high with 98% of clients being satisfied with the support they received and 64% achieving their program goals; i.e. achieving the same level of independence they had prior to hospitalisation as assessed by Care Assess Service Coordinators;

  • The majority of Discharge Planners (77%), ‘Agreed’ or ‘Strongly Agreed’ that the PAP program successfully reduced unnecessary patient time in hospital; and

  • Only 5% of clients were referred for ongoing services at the completion of the program due to client goals not being attained, demonstrating the effectiveness of Service Coordinator’s care management in adjusting support throughout the intervention period in line with the client’s improved function.

Further findings, including identified areas for future improvement of this crucial Home and Community Care (HACC) Program, are highlighted in the report!


Care Assess’ HACC Post Acute Packages (PAP) program aims to provide short term packages of support and care in the home for clients who have suffered an acute episode. These packages are time limited and more intensive than basic home support provided by mainstream HACC services. They help support elderly clients transition from a period of hospitalisation to living back in the community, enabling them to recover to their pre-acute level of independent functioning. This is achieved through the coordination of additional home support services such as personal care and domestic assistance, and through monitoring and review of client progress and service delivery.

Thank you

Care Assess wishes to thank all of our referrers and clients who have used or received the services of the HACC Post Acute Package (PAP) program over the last 10 years; thank you for the privilege of working with you, for you.

Care Assess wishes to particularly thank our dedicated staff; each of the many Service Coordinators and other support staff who have made the PAP program happen since 2004.

Care Assess also thanks all of our service providers across Tasmania who have worked with us in delivering home support for our clients in this program. Care Assess’ business model is distinctive in completely separating the assessment/coordination function provided by our staff from direct support service delivery, such as personal care and domestic assistance, provided by the staff of other organisations subcontracted to Care Assess. Thank you to the many organisations and support workers who provided services on our behalf to HACC clients in this program across Tasmania.

Care Assess wishes to acknowledge Silver Chain Group whose Personal Enablement Program (PEP) demonstrated the strategic benefit of short term enablement support programs within the context of the HACC program in Australia. Additionally, Care Assess thanks Silver Chain Group for the input they provided in preparing this evaluation report.

Finally, Care Assess owes a debt of gratitude to Tasmania’s Department of Health and Human Services who prior to 2004 first developed and operated their “HACC Packages” program to serve our local hospital and home support system. Thank you for the funding and other support received by the Department since that time, when Care Assess first developed and began managing the PAP program, which has now for a decade provided the benefits demonstrated in this Report both to our local health system and Tasmania’s home support system.


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