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New Tasmanian HACC Program Pilot

03 Nov 2016 posted by:

Care Assess has been selected as one of two organisations Tasmania-wide to take part in a new Tasmanian HACC Program Pilot, between 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

Care Assess’ role within the Pilot is as independent Assessment Agency, assessing clients waitlisted by TasCarepoint and prioritising needs to ensure not only that priority is given to those clients on the wait list the longest, but also identifying clients who require greater levels of care than the Tasmanian HACC Program can provide (these clients are transferred to other programs or systems).


The environment in which community care is delivered across Australia is undergoing significant change that is affecting all aspects of service delivery. Nationally the introduction and full roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), aged care reform and more locally the Tasmanian Government’s One Health System reforms are all affecting how services are designed, funded and delivered.

These reforms provide an ideal opportunity to examine what the Tasmanian HACC Program is providing, who it is servicing and whether improvements can be made to make it more effective and efficient. This will allow the Tasmanian HACC Program to redefine its role in the broader health and disability sector to ensure it is delivering value for clients and supporting health, aged care and disability reforms.


The objectives of the Tasmanian HACC Program Pilot Project are to:

  • trial aspects of the Tasmanian HACC Program redesign, including but not limited to a wellness and reablement approach to care, including assessment and reassessment of client and carer need; a central point of referral coordination and referral reporting; and
  • provide service to clients on the TasCarepoint wait list.

Potential Benefits

  • Trial of Tasmanian HACC Program redesign elements, this includes:
    • a wellness and reablement approach to care and assessment
    • assessment of client need, independent of service provision
  • reduction of clients on the TasCarepoint wait list for services


Care Assess is honoured to be selected as one of only two organisations Tasmania-wide to take part in this Tasmanian HACC Program Pilot, and we are working hard to fulfil our role in providing an independent Assessment Agency approach to care planning and delivery.

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