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Exciting Update: Company Re-Structure

26 Jun 2015 posted by:

Exciting company update!
Care Consultancy, Care Forward

Dear Key Stakeholder,

Key Stakeholder Update: Company Re-Structure



As you may know, “Care Assess” has been selected to be a part of the Australian Government’s new Aged Care Gateway Programme, My Aged Care (commencing 1 July 2015). My Aged Care provides the entry gateway for clients accessing home care and support (aged care) services, funded by the Australian Government.


Because of this, we need to make a change to our company’s structure in order to uphold the Department’s requirements of My Aged Care Regional Assessment Service providers.


We need to separate “Care Assess” from the grant funded arm of our company, which currently also provides home care and support (aged care) services, funded by the Australian Government; this will ensure that our Assessment Services operate independently, without bias or conflict of interest.


New names and more!


We are today beginning an exciting company re-structure with a new operational model to separate our assessment services from the service delivery side of our organisation!


To highlight this change in structure, we will begin using three separate trading names and brands!


These new names will distinguish the structural and functional separation between our assessment services and our service delivery.


This change as a company is a functional separation as well as a structural one; these separate divisions now have separate (distinct) staff, roles and locations.


Structurally, this organisational model can be understood as ‘one company with two arms, separated by a central body.’



“Care Assess” – Assessment & Care Coordination


“Care Assess” is now the separate, privately-contracted division of Care Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd, providing an independent assessment agency approach to the delivery of health, personnel and assessment, as well as care and coordination services across Tasmania, under fee-for-service (use pays) arrangements.


Therefore, if we broker services under the “Care Assess” name, they will be privately contracted services, separate to our grant funded / subsidised home care and support programs.


Care Assess



“Care Consultancy” – Corporate Support & Services


In order to ensure true separation, a new central business unit has been established to manage the corporate and support functions of the company. This separate division trades as “Care Consultancy”.

Care Consultancy


Care Consultancy will not only operate the central management and administrative functions of the company for our Care Assess and Care Forward businesses.


Care Consultancy will also offer its key resources and assets to provide corporate support and services to external organisations – in order to help other small to medium businesses improve, grow, and increase in efficiency and effectiveness.


Through the provision of our key personnel, human resources, facilities, products and resources, Care Consultancy will leverage our significant experience, skills, systems, processes and tools to serve and benefit other like-minded organisations and individuals.


“Care Forward” – Home Care & Support


From 1 July 2015, our home care and support services will come under a new name, “Care Forward.”


Care Forward


Care Forward is now the separate trading division that will provide service delivery for our grant funded programs including Home Support services and Home Care Packages.


Care Forward provides and delivers services independently of Care Assess.


More information


For more information about Care Assess, Care Consultancy and Care Forward please visit on our new websites!



Care Forward, Care Consultancy

Please forward the news!


Can you please forward this news within your organisation to relevant staff who will be affected by this change?


Once again, thank you for your engagement; it is a privilege and an honour to be working with you, for you!

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