How we can increase community care



Care Assess is a Tasmanian home and community health care provider specialising in coordination of services that enable more people to live well at home across Tasmania.

Care Assess is a local, state-wide community health stakeholder committed to providing high quality assessment and care coordination services to ensure more people are living well at home, across Tasmania. Care Assess has extensive knowledge of the local community-based care system, has experience in delivering innovative models of care, and is committed to working with government to deliver better health and wellbeing outcomes for Tasmanians.

Our priority is on shifting the focus from hospitals to effective and efficient community and primary health care in the home; in particular:

  • Access to services that better support the self-management of health conditions within the community, based upon a wellness approach;
  • System-wide access to reablement services and pro-active care coordination that is focused on the prevention and management of chronic conditions; and
  • Access to quality home healthcare alternatives including community care substitutes for hospitalisation.

We deliver safe and sustainable clinical services by increasing clinical care within the community. We can deliver improved health and wellbeing outcomes through:

  • Improved clinical sustainability through increased access to quality home health care alternatives, including community care substitutes for hospitalisation;
  • Improved discharge planning through the involvement of community health professionals working with hospitals;
  • Reduced avoidable admission and readmission rates through development of widespread hospital avoidance and post acute programs; and
  • Improved community care to promote active and healthy independence, and provide preventative support for clients with chronic health conditions.

Areas that Care Assess is particularly focused upon delivering best practice services throughout the State include:

  • Wellness services including basic home support, short term home enablement and reablement services;
  • Allied health care services particularly exercise physiology and occupational therapy;
  • Community and primary care based care coordination services, case management and chronic diseases self-management services;
  • Rapid response hospital avoidance services including urgent and coordinated/integrated primary and community care;
  • Technology based support and care services including the use of assistive technology and telehealth;
  • Supported hospital discharge services including clinical post acute care;
  • Other alternatives to hospital services;
  • Home and residential-based reablement services;
  • Home and residential-based rehabilitation services;
  • Residential care GP services, including comprehensive health assessments;
  • Home and residential-based advanced care planning;
  • Home and residential-based end-of-life services; and
  • Independent assessment and care coordination services for people using multiple services.