How we can improve the quality of services



“Care Assess” is a separate division and trading arm of Care Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd, providing an independent assessment agency approach to specialise in coordination of community care across Tasmania, with a focus on wellness and reablement.

Our business model

  • Care Assess ensures a clear separation between assessment and service provision, (including a structural and functional separation between other aged care and related services provided by the company) to maximise the independence and quality of our assessments.
  • Care Assess employs a business model that integrates assessment, care and service planning, referral, coordination and case-management including monitoring, review and re-assessment.
  • Our model is aimed at ensuring the highest standard of care and support for clients by maximizing quality (including access and safety), responsiveness (including flexibility and timeliness) and productivity (including efficiency and value for money).
  • This is a client centred service model, focused on delivering comprehensive needs-assessment and goal-based care planning of consumer services, referral to appropriate service providers, and ongoing care coordination / case management of that service delivery to assure quality of care, where required.
  • As a client centred model, our service provision focusses on individualised plans of care that are tailored to the changing needs of clients. These plans are flexible, responsive and able to be adapted to the appropriate levels of care to best meet the needs of clients.



Our points of difference

  • Care Assess ensures access to a wide range of appropriate services for any individual client and our extensive linkages and brokerage arrangements has led to well-developed relationships with service providers across primary health and community care providers in Tasmania.
  • Care Assess’ business model is predicated on a commitment to quality in assessment and coordinated service delivery and innovation in the community care sector in Tasmania.
  • Central to this commitment is the aim of maintaining and improving the quality of life for clients at home.

Track record

  • Care Assess has extensive experience in quality assessment and coordination of home and community health aged care, as we specialise in needs assessment and care-coordination, and have done so since 1999.
  • We employ assessors and coordinators across Tasmania, and maintain a focus on provision of services in which there is a need for us as an Assessment Agency, independent from direct service provision.
  • Care Assess is the Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) Program Assessment and Coordination Agency for all three regions of Tasmania (since 2000).
  • Care Assess also conducts Comprehensive Health Assessments and Care Planning (in home) for people in the community of behalf of General Practitioners, including Mental Health Care plans, under Medicare Chronic Disease Management – formerly the Enhanced Primary Health Scheme.