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Care Assess is a local! Native to Tasmania, we have been enabling more and more Tasmanians to live well at home since 1999.

Care Assess is the separate, privately-contracted division of Care Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd, providing an independent assessment agency approach to the delivery of health, personnel and assessment, as well as care and coordination services across Tasmania, under fee-for-service (use pays) arrangements.

Care Assess specialises in assessment and care coordination through the provision of health professionals, consultants and personnel services that focus on clients’ wellness and reablement,

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More about Us

For information about us, please see our:

Points of difference

For information about Care Assess’ points of difference, please see:

  • Health, How we can increase community care
  • Personnel,How we provide health personnel services
  • Assessment, How we can increase the quality of services
  • Services, How we can help you get more and better
  • Coordination, How we can enable you to better manage

Client Information Brochures