Quality of Care

All Care Assess services and operations are designed to comply with the Home Care Standards (“Standards”) under the Quality of Care Principles (1997), and are consistent with the Aged Care Act 1997.

Care Assess has in place an effective governance system, supported by a Quality Manager who works within an integrated Quality Management System. This includes:

Care Assess’ proven Service Model provides independent Care Coordination, increasing the effectiveness of our clinical governance, because Coordinators:

  • make autonomous, professional judgments in relation to client needs
  • place consumers themselves at the center of our clinical governance

Clinical Governance is implemented through our Services Manager (RN, Level 4) who oversees regional team leaders (RN, Level 3). Care Coordinators are Registered Nurses or equivalent Allied Health professionals (Level 2) – as health professionals, they are qualified to ensure clinical management of home care.

Care Coordinators utilise our Care Coordination Model to ensure appropriate, quality care.

Our Operations Manager implements our Workforce Management Model, which ensures all resources and corporate support are effective in providing service efficiency.